Hil You are amazing and | have the duty to introduce you to The Executive Award – Honoring Sustainable Leaders

Girly Letsipa (MAP, MBA)

In the 2018 | had opportunity to meet you in Paris and my whole career life changed for the better. Your believe in women’s abilities to achieve anything in this world is encouraging and rare. Thank you for being you, your leadership and influences have inspired not only me but all the ladies who had […]

Paul Richardson

Hi Magali – I’m a big fan of your thought leadership. | love what you’re doing for the cement industry. If you’re open to it, I wanted to connect and keep you in the loop for speaking engagements at our summits in the future. Best,Paul

Pooja Mukherjee

Dear Magali, I think many people have told you how inspiring your profile and your work is. So | will not go that road.Instead | was to let you know that | truly admire how you let yourself be out there and talk! Make a statement, do something and show the path to everyone. My […]


Congratulations on the great work you do inside and out of the industry ! You inspire a lot of people especially women like me !!

Anjaba Joshua Atiku

I hope to believe you are doing absolutely fine today. You are one of the most amazing persons I have ever seen.

Brianna Burns

Happy birthday from a few days ago! I watched you in a fabulous webinar that was held a few months ago around International Women’s Day and you are truly inspiring! Thank you for all the words of advice. It was very helpful!

Katie Poss

Thanks for accepting my request, Magali. I joined NRMCA in March and have heard great things about you and the good work Holcim is doing in the sustainability space.Best,Katie Poss

Andrea Janzen

Hi Magali, I know a few women at Lafarge in Canada and they keep mentioning your name as someone who is an amazing leader and role model. | wanted to say hi and connect on linked in. Andrea

Augustine Zvinavashe

Hi Magali, I hope all is well. | wanted to thank you for your talk and coming to MIT several weeks ago. | tooksometime to reflect on your talk and | wanted to say | really appreciated it. It left me inspired about what Holcim’s future will be and your values. | believe if was […]