Conclusions, reflections

“I would gladly agree that women are superior to men if only they would stop trying to be the same as us.” Sacha Guitry This sentence perfectly describes my state of mind at the beginning of my career and the immense misunderstanding I suffered from as a woman in a male environment. Everyone knows it, […]

Chapter 9: Indonesia

We arrive in Jakarta in January 97, with Charlotte, barely two years old and a baby. Didier jumped when I told him about David’s offer to transfer to Indonesia. We opened a representative office there three years ago. The person in charge returned to France a year earlier and only makes short trips to Asia […]

Chapter 8: The Return of the Prodigal Daughter

I am allowed to take business class for my return. It is true that I take up a considerable amount of space. Luxury is nice, I could get used to it, although I am not sure I’ll stay pregnant long enough. My father is waiting for me at the airport, it is six o’clock in […]

Chapter 7: A New Page Is Turned

It is seven o’clock when I arrive at my new job. It was a serious struggle to get up that early and cross the city to be on time. Never in the course of my short career or student life have I started so early. I arrive before Gerard, the chief of the base, and […]

Chapter 6: The Meeting

The vacation is already over. I do not feel very rested when I come back home. I am overdosed on the African continent. All in all, I do not think it was a good idea to go to Kenya. I needed a real break that this trip did not provide. As soon as I arrive, […]

Chapter 5: A Job Unlike Any Other

I am the only trainee on the base and the engineers all agree to bring me to the rig. I carry out many missions in record time. This has the effect of toughening me up and the engineer in charge gives me more and more opportunities to work directly on the computer.  I prove to […]

Chapter 4: Nigeria, The Return

My return to Nigeria is similar to the first trip without the element of surprise. I walk around with a blasé look that seems to be the agreed-upon attitude of an old comer who is starting her second mission and crowned with her success at the center. I am picked up at the airport this […]

Chapter 3: Training Center… or Boot camp?

Our plane lands at six in the morning. A taxi is waiting for us at the airport and takes us directly to the training center. Some have already arrived and are waiting in front of a coffee shop, recounting their adventures in the field. I observe my companions. When everyone is present, we are still […]

Chapter 2: The Great Departure

I only know that it is in Africa and I rush to the atlas to learn a little more about my upcoming destination. First of all, it is a former British colony, not to be confused with Niger, a former French colony. I read: The Federal Republic of Nigeria, composed of 36 states and the […]

Chapter 1: And that is when it all started…

I arrive a little early, not too much, just enough to be polite without showing my nervousness. I glance at the others. Next to me is a young dynamic executive, a caricature of the young ambitious wolf, wearing a grey suit and fashionable tie. A little further on, dressed in his Sunday best, an Indiana-Jones […]