[How to diversify your team] – Tip#7 Managing maternity leave

Today, we’re taking a look at this essential question: in the workplace, what’s the difference between a man and a woman? Generally speaking, one of the only answers to this question is the possibility for women to have children.*Important clarification: throughout this article, I’m talking about the mother and the father in the context of […]

[How to diversify your team] – Tip #6 Promote them

I haven’t written a line in far too long and it’s time to pick up the pen again!  Today, I’d like to talk about promoting women.  The principle is not very different from “Tip #1 recruit them”, but this time the work is done internally, within the company. Promotion techniques vary from company to company, and […]

[How to diversify your team] – Tip #5 Let them talk!

Today, I’d like to address the issue of speaking up in companies. If at first sight, this issue might seem secondary, the unequal relationship to speech between genders has many consequences. This cause is very much linked to that of work recognition.         For example, when male employees speak up in meetings, or promote their work […]

[How to diversify your team] – Tip #4 Zero Tolerance

I keep saying how important it is to apply the zero tolerance rule. But why zero tolerance? Why not accept small deviations that don’t hurt anyone? The great advantage of zero tolerance is that it removes any room for doubt, it eliminates any grey area. Let’s take the example of alcohol consumption. At parties, we […]

[How to diversify your team] – Tip #3 Fighting ordinary sexism

In my tip#2 on welcoming women into your teams, I very quickly touched on the subject that upsets people, the elephant in the office, the one that is so deeply rooted in our habits that it will take a real commitment from each and every one of us to fight it… I’m talking about the […]

[How to diversify your team] – Tip #2 Welcoming diversity

If you’ve applied the tips I gave in the previous article, you should now have several new female recruits! The question now is how to integrate them into the different departments. How do you ensure that they enjoy working in their respective teams? That’s what we’ll look at together in today’s article. Let’s start with […]

[How to diversify your team] – Tip#1 Diversify your recruitment

People often ask me to share tips and tricks to promote diversity at the workplace. I’m going to walk you through the methods that allowed me to increase the number of women in my team for each of my roles. And because it is trendy to do Top 10s, I am starting a series of […]

Advice to my daughter #3 – How to manage emotions at work

Hello my daughter, The three months are coming to an end. Did you follow my advice? What project did you implement to show your project management skills? Did you manage to convince your colleagues that several approaches existed for the same job? During our last conversation, you told me that you had progressed on all […]

Advice to my daughter – You signed your first contract.

You’ve just finished your trial period and you’ve finally received your first contract – the infamous Graal. I know that you’re relieved, ecstatic, after this little victory. However, you’re still very aware that life is starting now and that the challenges to come are at least as hard as the past ones. Thus, once you’ve […]

Advice to my daughter – tomorrow is your first day

How to start in a male-dominated industry. What are the skills to have? What are the traps to avoid? You just got your dream job. Congrats! After doing brilliant studies, you now have a beautiful diploma. Passionate about the industry, you applied for a job as a project engineer in a big company which isn’t […]