I am passionate by using my experience to drive change and bring the industry change to make things better for both people and the planet. My moto is impact, either on Sustainability or on Diversity

While activists, our own children and many other parties are pushing companies to evolve, it is important to make the changes from inside with senior executives, who understand what trigger people to act at all level of the organisations. Over the years, I have become an expert on it, first on the diversity front, then on Health and Safety to finish with Sustainability at large.

I lived on 4 continents, I have had many careers and I am now a true “Jacky” of all trades. Engineer by background, I have a passion for sciences and innovation.

I am a mix of technical personal, with a vast geographical footprint, having touch many topics over my career in the world of the industry. This background combined with my energy and passion is the right combination to create changes and make the world a better place… at my level



By Several Awards

2022: IRF Personality of the Year - International Road Federation

2022: Edie: Sustainability Leader
of the year

April 2022 – Part of the 25 Badass
women shaping climate action

2022: Top 100 women in Sustainability

2021 Highly Commended at the
WFEO GREE Women in Engineering
Award 2020 9 April 2021, 1h20,

2020: Global Woman Sustainable
Supply Chain award

2018 : Usine Nouvelle: International
woman of the industry award

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