The Book

Female Field Engineer

A slice of life

I dedicate this book to my husband and to my daughters who were not there for the beginning of the story, and who have given me unwavering support ever since.


Many years ago, I had just learnt that I had once again lost my job. Needless to say I was in a weird mood when flying back home to Jakarta from Singapore. And I did what good manners tell us never to do on a plane… I talked to the man sitting next to me.  Turns out he was working in the same domain as me, and when he realized the extent of my technical knowledge, we started to discuss  work and in particular the lack of women in our industry.

It was a light bulb moment. I knew exactly what I was going to do… I was going to start a consulting company to advise male dominated companies on how to recruit women.

I had a plan.

Except that I had absolutely no idea how I could put it in execution. I thought I should try to put my ideas down and this is how the book started.

I tried to explain how an angry young lady, who wanted to prove to the world what women can do, learnt the hard way that there was another way. So I am sharing with you all the adventures that happened to me, some self-inflicted, some due to the lifestyle I had chosen.

If the conclusion and reflections help a few women or men to evolve in their understanding of diversity… then it was all worth it!

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